Expect More.
Time to Go to Work!

Aaron Miller, State Representative

“Dave Marvin is the best candidate for the office of prosecutor in St. Joseph County.  This county and the rule of law both run in his veins and he has the character and the background to do the job the right way.  I will feel very confident with Dave at the helm in our local courts protecting our 61,000 residents; he’ll be the first to show up and the last to leave.  Dave Marvin therefore has my full endorsement for St. Joseph County prosecutor.  I encourage you to give him your vote at the polls on August 4 or by absentee ballot.”

I am David Marvin and I’m ready to work for you as the next St. Joseph County Prosecutor but I need your help!!!  Some of you have never met me, some have heard my name and many of you know me well.  By election day, I hope most of you know me very well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to introduce myself in this strange time where I can’t shake your hand, won’t be knocking on your door and parades and other public gatherings probably won’t be happening any time soon.

To rectify this, I’ve created this campaign page where I will be sharing information about me (possibly video if I can find a haircut!) and our great little community.  From here I’ll answer your questions and explain my positions.  I will talk with anybody who wants to know more about me and I will get to know as many of you as I possibly can.  But just like any good relationship, I will need you to reach out to shake my hand too (virtually or elbows, of course).

I’ve been in private law practice for several years where the majority of my work has been right here in St. Joseph County.

I’ve practiced in many areas but my criminal law practice has constituted the bulk of my work. I’ve had daily contact with law enforcement and those involved in the criminal justice system from every corner of the county. I have a very good understanding of our personal rights, responsibilities and obligations.  I understand how the criminal justice system is supposed to work and like many of you, I see where it is broken and in need of repair.

I ask you to reach out to law enforcement, court personnel, social services workers and our local attorneys to check-up on the status quo; ask them if our local justice system is in need of repair.  Ask them what’s wrong with itAsk them about me.  Ask them who they will vote forAsk them why.  After all, can you think of anybody better suited to know than someone who works in the system every single day?

Now that you know I’m headed to the prosecutor’s office, I’d like to tell you how I got to this place in my life.  (This is where a personal meeting would come in handy!)  For those who have the time and interest, here we go . . .

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